Gloria Dei Church Council, 2017

GDLC Constitution

 2016-2017 Narrative Budget

Church Council 
Officers & Members


Alan Budahl

 Phone: 952-9147


Karen Bitzer
Vice President
Karen Bitzer has been attending Gloria Dei with her family since the 90s. She has previously served on Council and as Council President.  Over her cateer in Alaska, she has lead several Anchorage non-profit organizations, served as Special Assistant to a Congressional Commission and lastly worked for United Way of Anchorage to create the Alaska 211 system for the State of Alaska. 
Karen was married to the late Ron Bitzer for over 25 years.  They have 2 sons, Brett and Brian who are both California lawyers (like their father).  
Karen enjoys retirement.  You can find her in the pool, volunteering for various organizations, travelling and hanging out with her favorite Puggle, Chloe.
Phone: 243-1813
 M.DeVoe 2015Marcia DeVoe

Marcia, a member of Gloria Dei since 1985, was elected to Gloria Dei's council in November 2014; she serves as liaison to the Social Ministry team. Marcia recently came out of retirement to work as a pool social worker at Alaska Regional Hospital. Her busy retirement activities include all things outdoors and travel with her husband Roger.

Phone 243-1317

 S.Kazem 2015Sharon Kazen


 Sharon has been a member of Gloria Dei since 2011 and was first elected to the council in November 2014. She is currently serving as President-Elect and chairs the Personnel Committee. Sharon holds a degree in Business Admin. from U of W- Eau Claire and sings with the Gloria Dei's choir.
 K Ellis 2015Karen Ellis  

Karen was elected to her first term on council in November 2014. She is serving as liaison to the Spiritual Life team. A member of Gloria Dei since 2004, Karen is retired and enjoys walking, reading a good book, and volunteering in her spare time.

Phone 242-5278

 Barbara Markley CouncilBarbara Markley  

Barbara has been a member of Gloria Dei for over 15 years.  This is her second time to serve on Church Council.  She retired from a long and fulfilling career at UAA, but tends to go back from time to time for special contracts. Barbara's interests include her family, travel, reading, Pilates, and seeking warmer climates during the winter months.

Phone 907-830-0535

 C Kampen 2015Carol Kampen  

Carol and her husband Larry have been members of Gloria Dei since 2004. Carol was elected to serve her first term on council in November 2014 and is co-liaison to the Parish Life/Fellowship team.

Phone 248-8671

 Erik Nelson

Phone 903-7407

 image2 3 Version 2Chuck Karjala

As a member of Gloria Dei for 12 years, I am proud to serve on the council as representative of Building and Grounds.  My promise to the congregation is to always be a good steward of their financial support to special projects and maintenance of Gloria Dei. I look forward to your input. 

Phone 248-2693