In 1979, artist Marianne Wieland attended a Bible study at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church where Pastor Rick Halvorson spoke about world hunger.  In an effort to make a difference, the first of what was to become known as the “hunger prints” was created.  The embossed prints, hand produced in her studio with the help of volunteers, follow a different biblical theme each year.  The entire proceeds of these yearly prints, sold through Lutheran churches, are designated to hunger projects both locally and worldwide.  World Hunger is a universal problem. Until this basic need is met, man cannot move forward.  Thank you for your support of this project.

2019 World Hunger Relief Print

The 2019 Hunger Print by artist Marianne Wieland is “Give Thanks” and measures 5” X 11”.  The cost of the print is $30.00 plus shipping ($8.00) if you are not able to pick up the print at Gloria Dei’s office. 100% of the proceeds from the print sale benefit world and local hunger relief efforts.

Make checks payable to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Hunger Prints and mail to:

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Hunger Relief

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(Note: If ordering 2 prints, total is $68.00 as 2 prints will fit into one mailer)

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